It's Time to Find the Freedom beneath your Feet...

find your balance and ride!

Balance Riders is helping kids to ride a bike more confidently, more safely, and at younger ages than ever before. Our lessons use fun exercises & games to help children understand control, balance, and safety as the fundamentals of biking. We achieve these goals by taking the pedals out of the equation and adding in specialized tools and training. When pedals are introduced to our students, they already have the foundational skills required for a lifetime of safe cycling.



how can my little one participate?

small group learn to ride

This is a great opportunity for peer interaction and can help those that are a bit anxious and apprehensive about riding. Peer motivation paired with individualized instruction is the best of both worlds

create your own group class & private Learn to ride lessons

These scheduled Learn to Ride lessons are perfect for a small family or close friends group. In a very short time, your children will be riding confidently and safely.


A Few Words About Us

We are parents just like you, but when we realized how backwards the old way of riding a bike was, we had to do something. You can probably remember what an important rite of passage it was as a kid to learn to ride a bike. It’s something that empowers children to feel brave and be confident.

On the other hand – safety first, right? Kids need to learn about safety and bike control first and foremost. That usually involves no shortage of scraped knees and tears on both sides. The fact is that while parents are doing their best, they are teaching kids how to ride in a truly old-fashioned way because they haven’t been shown a better one. 

We believe you don’t need bruises to learn about safety. We believe a little dedicated help and a fresh perspective can go a long way. And we don’t even believe your child needs pedals to learn how to ride a bike.

Balance Riders’ mission is to bring the joy of bike riding back to the American family. In a time when folks are more locked down and tuned in to technology than ever before, we want to see families and neighbors reclaiming an active and fun lifestyle. By taking an enjoyable approach to learning how to ride without training wheels, we hope to get your own family out together sooner and more often.

Wishing you more happy times together,

Anthony and Mary Frances

This Is Why

You Should Choose Balance Riders


passionate about getting kids on bikes

Having used these techniques to guide our daughter, she was able to ride a pedal bike by the time she was 3 years and 7 months. Seeing the joy on her face to be able to do that all on her own at such a young age was really what inspired us to create this company.


Individual Attention

While learning a new skill, like riding a bike, individual attention is important. That is one of the reasons we keep the class sizes small.


Learning a Life Skill

By getting our kids outside away from technology distractions and learning how to enjoy being on a bike, they can have fun with new and old friends alike. This is a way for your entire family to make great memories and for your child to carry those new skills with them for the rest of their lives.

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